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If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.

#NDP2011 Preview

Went for NDP Preview yesterday. I think it's one of the best ones yet so far.

As usual, I was late meeting up with my cousins because I went to queue up for my milk tea from B2 of NEX (I still have no idea what the shop is called LOL). Then the Kiasu us reached the platform at 3.50pm sharp and got the front seats. I almost got sunburnt if not for the cap given in the funpack. This year's funpack was totally awesome!


There are many more things inside hidden from view, really.

This year's show was great because every single performance had me go "wow wah woo!", especially the fireworks (which is the case every year but still...). And I think the fireworks this year was really really really really beautiful :'), made me love Singapore even more now.

Sneak previews:

Dimsums and we were all laughing!


Fireworks was A-MAZING.

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All's fair in love and war, and this is a bit of both.

Caught Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 at Lido IMAX3D today with @waikheesiao. We spent like 15mins trying to find Shaw House & walked by the same exit twice LOL. All thanks to the random auntie who were telling us about how going for facial is unnecessary how what "椰水" meaning coconut water, can do an equally good job. She's practically talking nonsense la IDEK...

Anyway, back to HP7, I swear the screen was super huge and the effects were AMAZING. I gotta say, no regrets spending the extra bucks watching in IMAX I love it.

fat face.

My already big nose is made even bigger tyvm.

and ending off with..
erhem, this may be a bit disturbing for you but...
DumbledoresArmy, we all have style...
dumbledore is so smexy.

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Still, we've got our hearts on save.

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Minus LM.C spitting water out from his mouth and them spraying water all over us and throwing the bottle over. I know this might be normal for you j.rock fans but it definitely isn't to me. It way too much, spitting water.
@ilovep10 Alicia was like AIDS AIDS AIDS!!!!! HAHAHA damn funny.

Okay okay rewiiiiiiind back...
5.40am: I woke up.

6.20am: On my way to Harbourfront MRT.

6.50am: We got lost at Harbourfront (because many of the doors were still locked you know). Walked out of vivo, up the travellator, down the travellator, into secret doors, pass garbage place, and arrived in the theatre. So we were locked in. Then walked and walked and walked and suddenly! CHARMAINE WAS NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. Into another "secret" door where sharmaine supposedly went into. Shouted for her name again but there was no reply. Wanted to get out of there cause it looked quite creepy, AND WE REALISED WE'RE LOCKED IN. Like....we can't get out of the staircase area cause it can only be opened from outside. And we were all thinking..."OMFG DOOMED DOOMED WE'RE GOING TO DIE SOMETHING MUST HAVE HAPPENED TO CHARMAINE!" Panicked ran around dunno what to do. Then jjang jjang! opened another door and charmaine was outside in vivocity again. LOL. XIA SI REN LE SERIOUSLY.

7.30am: Arrived at destination. Sat at the queuing area as a group. 2nd group in place.

7.30am-7.00pm: Walked around taking pictures, bought chocolates (which melted into liquid literally under the hot sun), chatted with the people, and did abit of homework.

7.00pm: we all stood up cause we were too anxious already, even though the 1st group was still relaxing, sitting down (though I don't think sitting down was anything relaxing at all cause our butt suffered big time, too painful!!) The security then told us, "Hey, you guys can sit down and relax actually there's still 10mins till the gate opens." HAHAA. I tell you, she was umchioing at us. But who cares, SO EXCITING SIA!
P/s: ASSG members were really smart! They actually suggested for some people to pass their bags to them so that those without bags can run faster and chop the best place (which is right in front!)

7.30pm: "NO PUSHING NO PUSHING NO RUNNING NO RUNNING" the security kept scolding. But seriously la, crazy fans were everywhere, crazy fans were there to see their idols. DO YOU REALLY THINK THEY'LL WALK IN CALMLY. OBVIOUSLY RUN! So we kinda ran into USS right after the checkpoints, scaring the tourists a little. IT WAS SO FUN. But my legs were pretty damn tired haha.

Months of training during PE in TJ did paid off la. I ran fast and passed by a few people! And I was standing in the 2nd row woo okay! After that (because everyone had ran), the whole place was pretty humid cause everyone was giving off heat. So we were all fanning and waiting for damn long for everything to start. after 2 years....WOOO FINALLY STARTING! We got hyped up!

Well, first up was Tenko, a japanese drum group. The performance was a little too long, but I've enjoyed it nonetheless, nice opening, especially seeing cute little boys playing the drums as well! OMG DAMN FUCKING CUUUUTE I CANNOT STAND IT. One of my eyecandy is in there now. WOOHOO. All of them even changed to jonghyun's outfit you know! The one in his teaser photo, the bare back one! OMG SEXY LITTLE BOY! Also, one of the lady had a really brilliant smile on her face every single millisecond. It's really pretty, the smile :D

Then when their performance was finally over, triumph started with their fashion show. Hot sia! But then the music was way too loud, I had to place my hand over my heart to stop it from jumping out HAHAHA.

Shortly after was SuG. Hmmm they were really not bad I should say. They can reeeeaaaalllly sing! But the lead singer's smile was a little bit weird heh. But nonetheless, great performance other than the too-loud music.

Next came F.cuz. Omg i tell you, I WAS WAAAAY TOO BLOWN AWAY BY THEM. Their cute/good looks. (P/s:BRB).....(P/s:OKAY BACK. I WAS WATCHING INKIGAYO, SHINEE'S LUCIFER~!!!!) Fell in love with them the minute I saw them.
The 1st I actually stared at was Kan. my kan. He looks sooo good in blonde hair! And that hairstyle with that headband yesterday. So for their whole performance, 80% of the time I was staring at Kan.
Then there's yejun OMG love him with that hairstyle rather than that curly one HAHA. I kept screaming and singing along to their songs. They kept looking over at my area thanks to Sharmaine's friend's camera!!!!!! Then...I dunno if I was hallucinating or what, KAN MADE EYE CONTACT WITH ME AND SMILED. Yejun also looked over and smiled (maybe to the group of us la). BUT KAN REALLY LOOKED AT ME AHHAHAHAHA. The rest also looked over a couple of times. OMG BEST PLACE TO BE SITUATED AT! I'm hoping he'll reply me on twitter (once at least!) I'm gonna @ him everyday once. HARDCORE CYBER STALKER HHAHA.

Then...........some triumph fashion show again. ANTICLIMAX BIG TIME.

After school came out and i swear the whole place almost got teared down. EVERYONE WAS SCREAMING LIKE MAD DOGS! They were hot stuffs seriously. Gahee and Jungah's PERFECT ABS (and the other 7's belly fats), AND ALL THEIR PRETTY AND CUTE FACES. TOTALLY GODDESS. Gahee's like the mother of the goddess, and Jungah's the twin sister of the mother. And the rests are goddess-to-be. They're all just GODDESSES REALLY. I think they all saw our huge banner like so many times already!!! And our fanboard. Jungah's really sweet, I think she actually find fanboards that had her name on it and waved to whoever's holding it OMG. Jeff's one was right in front with jungah's name and a "Marry Me" and some korean words. While they were being interviewed, jungah actually mouthed "Marry Me", smiled, and did a heart back to Jeff. LUCKY OR WHAT!!!!! Well, SHE SMILED AND WAVED TO ME. MEEEEEEE! It's really worth all the 12hours of waiting at the queue and the running!!!! good to be in front, 진짜!!
정아!!! 정아 정아 정아!!!


Next up, anticlimax again, fashion show....the guys were surprising really. I thought they would be like whoa sexy! But they were like: WHY THEY COME OUT AGAIN? I WANT AFTERSCHOOL instead!!!!!!HAHAHA I LIKE.

ASSG people were actually kind enough to move back just so LM.C fans could take our place in front cause it's LM.C next. They were....scary you know, I think. They as in LM.C. They threw water and their bottles on us! And spat water from their mouth. We all dodged (and I was thinking: okay luckily we gave our place to the fans if not we confirm kena already). But well, entertainers being entertainers, we still had to give our support right. So we did!!!!! It was fun being so high everytime instead of just standing there thinking about how weird they are, how weird their fans are, right? But half the time I actually looked and felt tired because my legs were so tired and my bag's so heavy I almost wanted to just *plop* and sit down on the floor. hahha.

After that everyone came out again (I was just waiting for that!!!!). F.cuz still looked cuuuute! And I still like Kan! And after school was like totally the group of the night la. Most support for them! Everyone was talking about jooyeon's cuuute expression at the end of the show when the the poppers on the stage suddenly pops out with a BANG. but I didn't get to see it cause I was busy staring at Kan and Jungah and waving to them hoping they'll wave back. Did a heart to Jungah with Charmaine but I don't think she saw it. We were behind :(

All in all, the performance was GREAT! I'm glad Alicia told me about it, 감사함니다!!! And I'm glad that I love After school, and I'm glad that I've joined ASSG. It's the kindest/friendliest fanclub I've ever joined before!!!!! THANKYOUSOOSOOOOOMUCH!!!! LOVES!!!! :D

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Mir so cute! Aegyo~~~

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I think my only purpose of keeping this blog is to update about SHINee and SHINee only LOL. No life that's cause all I did this whole june holiday (more than 3/4 of the month at least) was study study and study. And study. I seriously find no purpose in life now. Pretty much sucked huh? Wait till A levels ends (in approximately 180days AHH
Well well...that's how sucky life had been. Sucky everyday, studying everyday, forgetting all the things I've memorized the previous days everyday, have to restudy everything again everyday. Shit I'm complaining too much now how am I going to survive the next 4 days? Econs everyday = I'd rather commit suicide kthxbye.

Ending with a happy SHINee gif (=my style no matter how emo my updates may seem)

SO CUTE! Onew Condition.
BYE~ *mood lifted*
And back to econs zz

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Well well, it's been more than a month since I've updated. And all I have been doing was...study study and study. Or rather, I've been TRYING to study. But after a month, all I've done was...maths and chem. And maths and chem. Oh well, there's still 2weeks+ left. Hope I'll be able to catch up on Econs and physics too. Just mentioning it is enough to make me go "!@#$%& i don't want to study!" D=

P/s: I need more of SHINee to cheer me up!!!

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Been so long since I've updated. Didn't have the motivation to. And I've got nothing much to blog about also. Reason I'm blogging now is because...I'm really really borrrrred. Studying, then surfing the net, then play the piano. Seriously can't get down to serious studying when I'm at home urgh >.> !!!

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Sexy beast.

Went for SGEAWARDS last saturday. WOW scream until my throat dry. No water, no food. Luckily I brought sweeeeets. hahaha.
SHINee totally made the $24.40 worthwhile. Even though we were sitting at row 44 (damn far behind) and from where we were seated they're only 10cm long (maybe even less than that), they were totally great! It was my first time ever watching Korean stars perform in real life, so it was really shiok for me HAHAHA. If only F.T. Island was there too~
I swear I'm gonna be one of the first to get tix for F.T. Island's Concert (when it comes out in Singapore!), the most expensive one I don't care!!!!

By the way, one thing I realised was that, all the SHINee fans just strode off like that after their performance despite Eason Chen going onstage. I really don't think that's a very considerate thing to do. And Singapore fans really don't know how to behave, what a disgrace to Singaporeans tmd !@#$%

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